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A Dream Come True

Being at ArtsEd is definitely a dream come true. Never had I imagined that going to drama school (one of the hardest things to do and get into) was possible for me. But when I got the call that I was in, I never felt happier. The course pushes you to your artistic limits, it sets goals you don’t even think are reachable, but turn out to be.

Teachers open your mind to a whole new different set of ways in which you could personally become a better actor. It’s incredible! But it would be rude of me not to acknowledge what got me here…and that is my previous training and schooling at WSO!

Never give up!

Without my teachers and their constant help for me to improve my craft, I could have never made it here. All the help WSO brought in gave me so much insight into what I need to do to make it in an industry that is so cutthroat.

The teachers taught me how to always be resilient and make sure to never give up on my dream. That is why all of my chips are in my acting career, I am sure that with what I have done and with what I am doing there is no way but up!

  • Nicholas is committed, determined and passionate about Performing Arts.

    His commitment and determination to his rehearsal process of perfecting his acting technique, studying IB Theatre and performing the lead role in WSO Theatre Company productions, has ensured he has achieved his life-long dream of studying at Arts Ed.

    His passion for Performing Arts is infectious which has inspired our younger students within the Academy, Nick has always gone above and beyond to help both students and teachers within the Academy, well done Nick, we wish you the best of luck studying at Arts Ed and look forward to hearing your success in the future.


    Rebecca Lewis

    WSO Deputy Principal

This is why I also enjoy giving back to the future generations of artists at WSO. Holding workshops with students at WSO is a privilege, because not only am I using my passion for Performing Arts, but I am also “paying back“ the school for everything it has done for me.

There is a great future in WSO’s Performing Arts.


Some Images from the Workshop

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