We have a Guinness World Record holder in our midst!

Year 13 student, Zeffe Struyf is now the official world record holder for stacking a 28 block pyramid in Virtual Reality (VR) single handedly in 32 seconds, beating the recorded holder of 34 seconds.

Zeffe and fellow student, Ariana Karzai qualified in top three of all the GITEX challengers on the last day of recent GITEX 2021.

The global event held every year in Dubai, is one of the world’s largest future tech showcases, offering the latest leading-edge tech products and learning opportunities…and this year Youth X Bootcamp was curated specifically to engage young minds and introduce them to the global tech ecosystem at GITEX.

Twelve WSO students took part in the Youth Camp at Dubai World Trade Center attending two interactive tech workshop sessions. They were introduced to top tech global brands and got the chance to see the live startup action on stage with Supernova Pitch Competition.

The record is officially titled the fastest time to build a 28- block pyramid in VR single handed. The blocks are provided on a table in VR, neither the blocks nor the table are in front of you in real life. The challenger has to start with their hands behind their back and an adjudicator counts down from three with a ‘go’!

The challenger has to build the pyramid as fast as possible with seven blocks as a base, then six on top of that, then five and so on. Once done the structure has to remain standing on its own in VR for about 5 seconds.

Zeffe’s strategy was to stack block cleanly on top of each other, because the more area of the block that was hanging off the edge, the higher the chance that the pyramid would fall over leading to a disqualification.

Brilliant Zeffe well done!


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