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“A story for every child” an aspiration worthy of our energy and resources as we seek to develop, in partnership with parents and carers, students who are truly, “World Class and World Ready”

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Andy Kai Fong
Secondary Principal

In the Secondary Phase, we follow the National Curriculum for England in Key Stage 3, providing engaging learning from a variety of subjects for students in Years 7 and 8, and then into our GCSE Options programme, which spans Years 9 to 11...Read More


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  • Key Stages

    We believe that students should be given a broad and balanced curriculum which equips them for life beyond the school gates in the 21st Century. This sees the aims of education as being firstly to enlarge children's knowledge, skills, experience and imaginative understanding and thus their awareness of moral values and capacity for enjoyment. Secondly, it enables them to enter the world after formal education as active participants in society and responsible contributors to it, capable of achieving as much independence as possible. We also ensure that the education we offer ensures progression to Post 16 Education and into Higher Education or employment.  

    At WSO, our core beliefs about learning are:  

    • Learning is about relationships  
    • Learning is collaborative  
    • Learning is personal  
    • Learning is transformational  
    • Assessment for learning  
    • Be well, learn well  

    Our main aim is to engage and inspire all students to excel in their learning, to encourage and develop independent, inquisitive, resilient young minds, and to prepare our students to become eloquent, knowledgeable and responsible global citizens, who are capable of flourishing in the 21st Century. Our curriculum is not about ‘delivering’ knowledge, but encouraging our students to develop learning competences to resolve problems for themselves. 

    For details about the curriculum your child is studying in each of their Year groups please click on the links below:



    Curriculum Information

    Please CLICK HERE to access the Curriculum Information for 2023 -24 for all year levels

    KEY STAGE 3 (Years 7 & 8) 

    Please CLICK HERE to view the Curriculum Booklet for Y7 & Y8.

    C = Core Subjects 

    English (C)

    Mathematics (C)

    Science (C)

    Arabic A/B (C)

    Islamic Studies A/B (C) – Muslim students only

    Modern Foreign Languages (C)

    Computer Science


    Design Technology




    UAE Social Studies (C)

    Moral Education (C)

    KEY STAGE 4 (Years 9-11) 

    Students beginning Year 9 are embarking on the next phase of their educational journey. This is an extremely important part of your child’s education. These years will culminate in terminal exams which will help shape the further education choices your child will make. Here at WSO the Key Stage 4 curriculum is made up of compulsory and optional subjects.  

    The Compulsory Core Subjects are: 

    GCSE English Language and English Literature

    GCSE Mathematics

    GCSE Science

    Physical Education

    Social Studies

    Moral Education

    Islamic Studies (Muslim Students)

    Arabic (compulsory in Year 9 for all students and compulsory for Arabic A students through to the end of Year 11) 

    Students will have the opportunity to select four optional subjects for study through Years 9 to 11. They select four from:


    Computer Science



    Business Studies








    Further Maths (students are selected by the Head of Mathematics)

    Media Studies

    BTEC Travel and Tourism

    BTEC Music Technology

    Arabic/MFL: All Arabic A students will study Arabic A GCSE; all other students pick from French, German, Spanish


    Download GCSE Booklet for 2023-24

    Secondary Timings

    Year 7 - Year 13: Registration 07:45am - End of day 3:20pm

  • Extra-Curricular & Guidance 

    “Character is important – a CV may get you the interview, but character will get you the job” - Tim Peake, British astronaut living and working on board the International Space Station for six months.

    The Academy operates a unique Enrichment Programme – one which provides every student with broader and deeper learning experiences within the curriculum. At WSO, we believe that every child should have access to a range of self-selected learning experiences as a central part of their school timetable. Our Enrichment Programme takes place during the day, not at the end, and is accessed by every student in the academy.

    In secondary, during Enrichment time all students are immersed in learning experiences that foster personal growth and character discovery through a wide array of activities outside of the more traditional classroom setting.  Activities range from practice time with sporting or performing arts squads and groups, participating in the Duke of Edinburgh Award, and building a team project to enter the Global Innovation Challenge; to skiing at Ski Dubai, cooking sustainably from our WSO gardens, and unearthing prehistoric life in archaeology club, or even volunteering at local dog shelters and camel rescue centres

    Students choose the enrichment activity they wish to pursue each term.  Through these activities, WSO students gain ‘real-life’ transferable skills; holistically shaping ‘world class, world ready’ young adults, equipped to make a real difference to the world.

    Students in year 10-13 are offered the opportunity to run enrichment activities with the support and supervision of their teachers.  Students guiding their peers maintains interest, promotes positivity and compassion, builds confidence and nurtures empowerment.  Student-led enrichments help us to create an inclusive school community spirit; facilitating collaboration between students from varying year groups, with different skillsets and juxtaposing personalities; fostering teamwork, communication, and empathy.  Student run enrichment activities range from subject specific societies preparing students for university applications and life beyond WSO, cash club (learning about stocks & shares), 3D modelling and printing, volunteering, photography and Muay Thai!

    Throughout secondary school, students also undertake a range of other activities which encourage them to think and work independently. They develop skills which aim to equip them for Post-16 study, university and the world of work. Careers Guidance, entrepreneurship, and Personal, Social and Health Education ensure students are encouraged to participate in wider learning opportunities. As a Centre of Excellence for Performing Arts and Theatre Technology, students at WSO are incredibly fortunate to be given opportunities to develop their performance skills and experience industry recognised performance and theatre tech courses, including student internships. Furthermore, as a lead school for Sports Leaders UK in the Middle East, students are able to gain a Sports Leaders qualification alongside their academic studies.  

    Innovation is a huge part of WSO and we are pleased to see that so many of our students invest time and energy in this area. Success in the Global Innovation Challenge is an additional activity where participating teams use technologies to address the world’s most pressing problems throughout a range of topics which includes healthcare, education, disaster resilience and prosperity. Students go on to exhibit at events, which are part of the annual Global Innovation Challenge. Over the past few years, WSO students have achieved great success at this event.  



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