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Our Academy offers an enriched selection of personalised pathways at Post 16, all leading to University entrance. We offer our students the widest range of subjects in the region allowing each student comprehensive opportunities to effectively ‘Choose their Future’, by studying either the IB Diploma, IB Career-related programme, A-levels or BTEC. All pathways are delivered through a combination of traditional face-to-face classes and blended learning options, combining the best of academic and digitally enhanced learning, leading directly to university or high-end employment.

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Amy Cooper
Assistant Principal, Post-16

This is an exciting year at WSO in terms of the five pathways we can offer our maturing GEMS. Students can not only can you choose from IB Diploma Programme, IB Career Programme, BTEC or A-Level we have created a fifth strand to generate a more bespoke offering, allowing students to feel like they are really crafting their own future pathway...Read More




World Class, World Ready

All our Post-16 courses are comprised of elements of a Blended Learning approach, which mirrors how most universities also now deliver their courses. Students on discreet blended courses have the benefit of learning in virtual environments as well as having an Academic Tutor to guide and support them on a daily basis. Experienced Post-16 teachers and examiners teach all our blended courses.

On blended courses where students are taught externally, through a mixture of synchronous (live) and asynchronous sessions (meaning students do not need to be in the digital class at a particular time), all materials and resources are available on the learning platform. Students interact with classmates in real time and have questions answered straight away by their digital teacher; their Academic Tutor then reinforces this. The Academic Tutor meets with students each week to provide seminars and tutorials and add significant intellectual value in extending knowledge and understanding. This unique combination is only available at WSO and is proving to be hugely successful, with our students now gaining places at some of the leading universities in the world.




The Top Ten Highlights of our Unique Post-16  

  • 1

    Teachers who believe in building relationships as an integral part of the teaching and learning here at WSO

  • 2

    Subject specialists, mostly arriving from the UK, deliver all courses; these teachers demonstrate up-to-date practice and understand the current trends in education

  • 3

    Our maturing GEMS truly benefit from our state-of-the-art facilities including a purposely-designed Post-16 common room and private study provision

  • 4

    Students and their parents benefit from multiple Academic Review Days where teachers get a chance to discuss progress and offer feedback to help improve, challenge or intervene

  • 5

    All learners benefit from having access to the Careers Guidance Counsellor. These include bespoke one-to-one sessions accompanied with expert advice and guidance available on our blended learning platform and via applications such as Uni Frog

  • 6

    Our outstanding pastoral curriculum does not stop at Post-16. We carefully select our upper school tutors to work with Post-16 students. Our dedicated Post-16 tutors understand the university application process and have had experience in writing references and guiding students through this pinnacle point in their education

  • 7

    Students gain from having access to an in-school enrichment programme that allows some balance into their busy schedules. This helps nurture the whole child allowing the student’s chance follow their passions by signing up to many enrichment offerings or it can purposely fulfil a need by initiating an enrichment. TEDx has been a popular choice over recent years

  • 8

    We give all students the chance to gain leadership experience by holding annual open elections for Head Boy/Girl and deputy positions. In addition, to the student leadership team all students can choose to apply for the House Ambassador Programme. Where we elect students to help facilitate student voice and empower a more ‘bottom-up’ approach to working

  • 9

    Post-16 student are still part of the House System, which still allows students to feel a sense of team spirit and cohesiveness

  • 10

    It is truly important we offer Post-16 equal opportunities to express themselves and follow their passions so ‘extra’ enriching programs are offered to our Post-16 students. These include The Global Innovation Challenge, UK Sports Leaders, UDO Dance Academy a variety of opportunities to perform with our Elite Performing Arts Clubs as well as obtaining their up to Gold in the Duke of Edinburgh Awards Scheme

  • For the 7 years I have been in WSO, without any doubt I can say that it has been an exceptional experience- not only do they have a wonderful academic program but also excellent extra curriculum program. So staying for IB Diploma Programme was any easy choice.

    Krushi Shah - Post 16-car

    Krushi Nilesh Shah

    Year 13

  • I had changed to WSO the year prior to starting my GCSE's following a torrent of bad grades and a lack of interest in my education and after a term at WSO I had a new interest in developing not only my knowledge but also my interest in learning and improving myself. I think that this was due to the type of teaching at WSO and I strongly believe that the teachers at WSO deserve all credit for my success at GCSE level. I decided to stay at WSO for my IB years for exactly this reason too, as there is a very extensive support network that all teachers are able to provide you with, inside or outside the classroom. I chose IB due to the fact that it would provide me with a better standing, as well as including the aspect of critical thinking rather than being spoon-fed information.

    Lars - Post 16-car

    Lars Baumann

    Year 13

  • WSO was the right place for me to choose IB because of the range of subjects offered and familiarity to me. I was able to continue subjects that I loved at GCSE and disregard others that I didn’t like as much! Despite that, I have been at WSO for 10 years and grown up with this family that has grown alongside me, and that is something I value personally because I have connections and relationships that I would not have if I moved to another school. The teachers have been there from the start and I have used the IB to grow better and intertwine myself with the learner profile and more with the school values. Something that I was despising was TOK and the Core, but having gone through the course, these are subjects and areas of the IB that I would not have gotten elsewhere. I praise the IB for that because I feel so much more insightful and world aware going into university and into life where I can implement the skills I’ve learnt.

    lewis Post 16-car

    Lewis Samuel Grant Harrad

    Year 13

  • I chose to do the IB Diploma Programme program because it gives me a lot of freedom to do whatever I want to later in life. In A-level, I would have had to choose between key subjects such as English and Math but in IB, I don't need to worry about missing out on any of these, plus I can do 3 additional subjects of my choice. I joined WSO in Year 9 and was very impressed with how they helped us through our GCSEs and how supportive the teachers were. Since they offered all the IB subjects I wanted and I had settled well into the school, I decided to stay here and I am very happy with my decision.

    siya Post 16-car

     Siya Mehra

    Year 13


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    Our Academy offers an enriched selection of personalised pathways at Post 16, all leading to University entrance.


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