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All pathways are delivered through a combination of traditional face-to-face classes and blended learning options, combining the best of academic and digitally enhanced learning, leading directly to university or high-end employment.

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  • Krushi Shah - Post 16-car

    For the 7 years I have been in WSO, without any doubt I can say that it has been an exceptional experience- not only do they have a wonderful academic program but also excellent extra curriculum program. So staying for IB Diploma Programme was any easy choice.

    Krushi Nilesh Shah

    Year 13

  • Lars - Post 16-car

    I had changed to WSO the year prior to starting my GCSE's following a torrent of bad grades and a lack of interest in my education and after a term at WSO I had a new interest in developing not only my knowledge but also my interest in learning and improving myself. I think that this was due to the type of teaching at WSO and I strongly believe that the teachers at WSO deserve all credit for my success at GCSE level. I decided to stay at WSO for my IB years for exactly this reason too, as there is a very extensive support network that all teachers are able to provide you with, inside or outside the classroom. I chose IB due to the fact that it would provide me with a better standing, as well as including the aspect of critical thinking rather than being spoon-fed information.

    Lars Baumann

    Year 13

  • lewis Post 16-car

    WSO was the right place for me to choose IB because of the range of subjects offered and familiarity to me. I was able to continue subjects that I loved at GCSE and disregard others that I didn’t like as much! Despite that, I have been at WSO for 10 years and grown up with this family that has grown alongside me, and that is something I value personally because I have connections and relationships that I would not have if I moved to another school. The teachers have been there from the start and I have used the IB to grow better and intertwine myself with the learner profile and more with the school values. Something that I was despising was TOK and the Core, but having gone through the course, these are subjects and areas of the IB that I would not have gotten elsewhere. I praise the IB for that because I feel so much more insightful and world aware going into university and into life where I can implement the skills I’ve learnt.

    Lewis Samuel Grant Harrad

    Year 13

  • siya Post 16-car

    I chose to do the IB Diploma Programme program because it gives me a lot of freedom to do whatever I want to later in life. In A-level, I would have had to choose between key subjects such as English and Math but in IB, I don't need to worry about missing out on any of these, plus I can do 3 additional subjects of my choice. I joined WSO in Year 9 and was very impressed with how they helped us through our GCSEs and how supportive the teachers were. Since they offered all the IB subjects I wanted and I had settled well into the school, I decided to stay here and I am very happy with my decision.

     Siya Mehra

    Year 13

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