Welcome to Foundation Stage

The Foundation Stage at Wellington Academy has been rated Outstanding by the KHDA for six consecutive years. Our Foundation Stage provides an engaging, supportive and empowering environment for our youngest students. The well-being, happiness, health and safety of our students is our number one priority.  We follow the British Curriculum and therefore our Foundation Stage students form deep learning connections between all seven areas of the Early Years curriculum. Our highly trained team of teachers have a wealth of experience and ensure the learning is play-based, innovative, child-led, enriching and allows the students to develop and grow a life-long passion for learning. Our aim is to ensure our students are always excited to come to school and desperate to share their stories with you at the end of the day.   

Our students are given opportunities to explore their learning, ask questions and experiment in an environment that is safe and supports the development of their self-confidence. They are supported to develop their personal, social and emotional skills in a range of situations and build strong friendships with their classmates. Additional to the curriculum coverage in the classroom, our Foundation Stage students also have weekly specialist lessons such as Outdoor Learning, Performing Arts, Physical Education and Arabic.    

We believe that students engage and learn best when they are provided with inspiring and engaging environments. To support this, our students will also have access to our Blended Learning Plazas, Outdoor Learning provision and our state-of-the-art library facilities. All these innovative spaces allow our students to use their imaginations and be creative with their learning.   

At Wellington Academy, we value parent voice, and we know how important it is for parents to be updated on their child’s learning. Our Foundation Stage teachers are in regular contact with our parent community, giving regular updates and providing opportunities for students to showcase their learning to their parents. Within the Foundation Stage, our students are nurtured, inspired, supported and encouraged to reach their full potential.  


Sarah Hollingworth

Assistant Principal FS1 and FS2

Foundation Stage

Our Foundation Stage provides an engaging, supportive and empowering environment for our youngest students.

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