GEMS Wellington Academy - Silicon Oasis is a place in which individuals can develop fully, contributing as happy and compassionate members of society. Our students’ unique talents are valued, and they learn to live as courteous, disciplined and self-assured individuals.

We seek to challenge, motivate and encourage students to perform in accordance with their diverse abilities. Our highly qualified and enthusiastic teachers adapt and augment their programmes of study to support all children in achieving their potential.

This philosophy extends beyond the classroom, with the Academy embracing a broad portfolio of enrichment activities, including sports, performing arts, modern foreign languages and exploratory excursions. This underlines the fact that at GEMS Wellington Academy, our children attain high academic standards, but not academic standards in a narrow sense.

We offer a wide-ranging curriculum, treating each and every one of our students as an individual, and support them to become self-reliant, questioning and original thinkers. Our students learn in a caring and stimulating environment that allows them to move on to some of the best universities in the world.