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Tours of the Academy

Please contact our Reception Team to book the most appropriate session for you to see for yourself why our students are happy and successful learners. 

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Hosted by Academy Assistant Principals  

  • Foundation Stage 1 & 2 - Monday and Wednesday at 9.00am
  • Primary Years 1-6 - Monday and Wednesday at 10.00am
  • Secondary Years 7-13 - Monday and Wednesday at 11.00am

Hosted by our Parent Relationship Executive

  • Foundation Stage 1 & 2 - Sunday at 9.00am
  • Primary Years 1-6 - Tuesday at 9.00am
  • Secondary Years 7-13 - Thursday at 9.00am

(During the Academy holidays these can be run by the Parent Relations Executive or Assistant Principals)

Please call to book a tour during school holidays.

To book a school tour, please email [email protected] or call 045159000

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School tours are scheduled daily from 9am to 11am. Please fill-in the form below and select your preferred schedule.

For detailed directions, Gems Wellington Academy Silicon Oasis can be found on google maps and this will guide you with the one-way system around our Academy.

If you are visiting for a tour of the Academy, please proceed along the school road to Gate 7 for the Primary School, or Gate 8 for the Secondary School.