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At GEMS Wellington Academy, Silicon Oasis, we are not content with the question “What do our students need to know to be successful in the future?”, but concern us with the problem “Who do our students need to be?”. With these important questions in mind, we are committed to ensuring that our students are developing their character necessary to be effective learners in the moment, and pioneers in the future.  

Our learning provision is a combination of the National Curriculum of England and the UAE Curriculum, ensuring rigor and relevance for our local and international students. With an understanding that a successful and healthy identity is the construct of rich and diverse experiences, in which our core curriculum is augmented with a wide offering of specialist subjects and an investment in the development of our WSO Competences that develop essential skills such as teamwork, communication, creativity and inquiry. 

We work in close partnership with our parents to ensure teachers and parents alike have a full and accurate understanding of each student’s learning and are well placed to work together in order to meet the pastoral and learning needs of the child. There are regular opportunities throughout the year for parent and teacher consultations and platforms such as Seesaw and Microsoft Teams are used effectively to share examples of work and regular progress updates alongside our formal reports. 


Nathan Sadler

Primary Principal

Primary School

Our learning provision is a combination of the National Curriculum of England and the UAE Curriculum, ensuring rigor and relevance for our local and international students.