Amy Cooper

Primary Emerald Head of House

My name is Amy Cooper and over the past fifteen years I have been lucky enough to teach across four different continents. After completing my initial years of teaching in London, my family and I moved to Brazil, Sao Paulo where I held the position as Head of Geography. Despite loving the diverse culture Brazil has to offer, as a family we had our hearts set on Australia; this is where we settled for the next five years.

The extensive landscape and fascinating terrain is a Geographers dream, and it was here that I rediscovered my passion for physical Geography. I held multiple positions whilst living in Australia from IB MYP Coordinator, Head of Humanities to working as a Curriculum Development Officer for the West Australian Exam Board. After five years we headed here to Dubai where I am now in my fifth year at WSO; the safety and internationalism that Dubai has to offer is something as a family we hold very important.

WSO holds many wonderful qualities and as a teacher you would be hard pushed to find these anywhere else in the world. The sense of community [even though we are one of the largest schools here in Dubai] is authentic and the staff are nurturing and make sure ‘every child matters’. Finally the joy of facilitating the growth of our ‘little gems’ gives me a wonderful sense of achievement. As Head of House I want to empower our students to become ‘World Ready’ and help maintain and grow our opportunities to ensure all our offerings here at WSO are ‘World Class.’