Rob Gauntlett

Secondary Vice Principal,
Standards and Development

My name is Rob Gauntlett and I am one of the Vice Principals at WSO. I have been a teacher for 24 years, working in a variety of schools in Turkey, the UK and Bahrain. During this time, I have been an Assistant Head-teacher, a Director of English and Performing Arts and a Head of English.

I grew up in the Cotswolds in England but moved to Turkey in my early twenties. It was there that I met my wife, Feriha. We have three children, all of whom have been lucky enough to grow up abroad and experience a variety of cultures and international experiences; they are truly third-culture children, and I am happy that they have had the opportunity to grow up in such varied cultures and circumstances.

Teachers are often asked why they become teachers; more often than not, it is because they have a passion for their subject and they want to share that passion, that enthusiasm with others. I believe this is at the heart of education: as teachers, it is our mission to convey that passion to our students, challenging them to see why we love our subjects as much as we do; inspiring them to have that same passion; empowering them and enthusing them to delve into their learning and find that excitement and energy that inspired us to go to university and study our subjects for four years. More than being able to pass exams, our task is to challenge our students to be confident, passionate, enthusiastic inquirers and life-long learners.