Our Campus & Facilities

We are personalising learning through the use of technology, pedagogy and innovative learning spaces.

Innovative & Future Thinking Academy

Innovation is central to our approach to education. We pride ourselves on offering a fully blended approach to learning and gaining the right balance between social interaction and use of technology which deepens and extends learning. At WSO, our key objective is to equip students for the 21st Century and enable them develop a skill-set to succeed in an uncertain future. We provide an education that meets our students’ future needs, and not those of the past, and to make their learning experiences both inspiring and relevant. We use technology to move beyond the classroom, develop new e-skills, and promote a range of collaborative technologies all set within the following dynamic facilities:  

  • Spacious teaching areas with interactive whiteboards/LED displays in every classroom
  • Interactive blended learning plaza with video conference world classroom
  • Media Suite; including ICT Suite, Editing Rooms, Radio Station, Recording Studio & Mac Suites
  • Video Conference Suite
  • Access to laptops and iPads
  • High specification Science labs
  • Design Technology facilities; including Resistant Materials, Electronics & Food Technology

Through these experiences, our students will become technologically, intellectually and emotionally literate - critical thinkers who are capable of adapting flexibly to the needs and challenges of the future. This also emphasises the competences and skills that we espouse in ensuring that students are helped and supported in finding, selecting, organising, managing, analysing, evaluating and applying knowledge. To support our aims in the use of technology as a central learning tool, we have the following facilities/resources:

  • A wireless communication network that links the entire campus and allows students to use their own hardware (BYOD – Bring Your Own Device)
  • Classrooms equipped with digital projectors and interactive white boards
  • Internet firewall and systems to filter and prevent student access to undesirable material
  • A virtual learning environment (MyLearning) that provides students with a safe and securely monitored learning space, in which they can access and create interactive, online resources to support their learning.
  • The virtual learning environment (VLE) also connects home and the Academy so that learning can happen at a student’s own pace, space and time.